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Next day delivery

Exclusions of our promise to beat any product online

  1. Products must not be on an auction site
  2. Product price can not be supplemented by delivery charge (product and delivery charge must not be more expensive than advertised price including delivery. Even if collecting).
  3. For multiple products all delivery charges will apply if comparing products from different websites.
  4. A showroom address must be advertised within the website.
  5. The product must have the same name and manufacturer advertised within the product page.
  6. A valid telephone number must be advertised within the website.
  7. Including VAT must be clearly displayed within the website.
  8. Instore sales will only price match.
  9. Other website must be able to supply product.

How to order

  1. Proceed to checkout has normal
  2. When passing the delivery information section insert a link to the page of the cheaper product
  3. Show to input link
  4. Complete purchase.
  5. Upon verification that the product(s) meet all our criteria, not only will we refund the difference, we will also beat the price by 5% and refund that immediately too,
  6. If we feel that the price match was not conforming to our terms but have already placed the order, you will be offered a full refund.

Common Gotchas from other websites

Lowest Price Guarantee